Bill Withers - Just As I Am (1971)

Just As I Am

  • Album Name

    Just As I Am

  • Artist

    Bill Withers

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Why This Album Matters

When it comes to songwriting, pop sensibility and catchy grooves, no one can match Bill Withers. Ain't No Sunshine, which was the biggest hit off of this album, has to be my favorite song of all time, considering I have the sound signatures tattooed on the inside of my arm. Many people might not know his name, but the second Ain't No Sunshine comes through the speakers everyone will know the words. Aside from just having an incredible approach to how he wrote songs, Bill also stood proudly for Black America at the time of his peak. His songs touched strongly upon what it was like being African- American in the 70ís, and how his religious beliefs had a strong impact and influence on his music. - Raz