Janis Joplin  - I Got Dem Old Kozmic Blues (1969)

I Got Dem Old Kozmic Blues

  • Album Name

    I Got Dem Old Kozmic Blues

  • Artist

    Janis Joplin

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Why This Album Matters

Janis Joplin has probably been the biggest influence on me in terms of what a true artist should be. Not in the sense of strictly songwriting, or performing, but in regards to how an artist expresses themselves on and off the stage. We now live in a society where artists are groomed, and liked based on their looks, image or social popularity. Janis was the antithesis of all of that. She wasn't the most conventionally beautiful, popular or respected person in her adolescence. Instead of letting that tear her down emotionally, she used it to better her craft, and the second she opened her mouth to let out that haunting voice, there wasn't a soul on this planet who didn't take notice. -Raz