Kiss - Alive! (1975)


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Why This Album Matters

My first love when it comes to music has always been rock'n'roll. At the time when I started getting into music, the contemporaries of the genre were, System of a Down, korn, Our Lady Peace, etc. And then I discovered Kiss. Kiss was my gateway into the glorious, and illustrious world of what they call classic rock. The first time I heard Kiss' Alive and gazed upon the imagery of the band I was an immediate fan. Individually it is quite known that they are not the greatest musicians to ever grace a stage. But as a foursome, there was nothing like that sound, look, image, or culture. Kiss is its own brand, and along with being inspired musically by them, I have also learned quite a bit about what it means to turn an idea, band, or passion, into a lucrative business. - Raz