Rival Sons – Pressure and Time (2011)

Pressure and Time (2011)

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    Pressure and Time (2011)

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    Rival Sons

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Why This Album Matters

It was 2011, and I had a monthly subscription to Classic Rock Magazine. They would often send a CD with the magazine which had a mix of current artists singles. I remember being home and popping the CD into my stereo and hearing Rival Sons for the first time. It was almost a cathartic experience. Here is a brand new rock n roll band that makes me feel what Zeppelin feels. I immediately searched them up and found out they were playing a free show in the city in the coming weeks. Of course, I ended up going and there were literally 40 people in the crowd. I hungout afterwards, and got to meet the band. We exchanged numbers, social media handles etc. In the coming years afterwards every time they have come to town, they have graciously invited me to their after parties. These are the most down to earth, real, talented dudes I have ever come across. Oh, and remember how I said they played a 40 person free show 7 years ago? Update. They just finished a year and half long world tour playing stadiums opening up for Black Sabbath. -Raz