Skip James - Devil Got My Woman (1968)

Devil Got My Woman

  • Album Name

    Devil Got My Woman

  • Artist

    Skip James

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Why This Album Matters

Out of my 5 picks, this one is probably the deepest cut. Anyone that knows me is quite aware of the fact that I am an avid comic book collector/reader. Anyone that knows me well, knows that Daniel Clowes is my favorite writer, artist, creator in the comic book medium. Anyone that knows me really well, knows that Ghost World is my favorite comic book of all time, which was also turned into a movie in the early 2000s. There is a scene in the movie where the protagonist, Enid, buys an album from a man she just met, and goes home and plays that record. That record, is Skip James' Devil got My Woman. To most people this isn't a scene that they would be aware of. But to me, this is the most iconic scene in film history. I could and have rewatched that scene many times over, and it gets me every single time. - Raz