Antikka - Cafe & Records Book Club!

Antikka - Cafe & Records Book Club!

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    Antikka - Cafe & Records Book Club - week one

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    Antikka - Cafe & Records

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Who else needs to catch up on some homework from the dean of rock 'n' roll storytelling and judge a book by its covers?

For the Antikka - Cafe & Records inaugural book club we're starting from the start with Peter Guralnick's "Feel Like Going Home: Portraits in Blues and Rock'n'Roll." Read it however you like to read things and message or stop by the shop if you want help tracking down a copy.

Free to join and we'll be serving coffee and spinning tracks mentioned in the book (and the rest of the LPs that we find them on).

Meeting #1 (March 6) will cover: Chapter One (Rock'n'Roll Music: Growing up and Coming Down), Chapter Two (Blues in History: A Quick Sketch), and Chapter Three (Muddy Waters: Gone to Main Street).